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For Internal Use Only: Movies To See, Halftime 2013


Every year in my capacity as Film Editor of The A.V. Club, I would send out a raw list of movie titles to my core staff for year-end list consideration, ordered chronologically by their release date in New York City. But lately, I’ve been sending out “halftime” lists, too, and even published annotated versions of those lists on the site. I recently put together a halftime list for our writers at The Dissolve, too, and thought I’d share that with our Tumblr followers. A few notes: 

1. To keep things simple, I’ve divided the list into “Essential” and “Also Worth Seeing.” Because the list reflects my personal tastes and priorities to a large extent, there will no doubt be some differences of opinion about what belongs where and other worthy films I’ve left out entirely. If you’re using this as a consumer guide, further research on individual titles is recommended.

2. Because I, like all the little elves at The Dissolve, am very busy working on getting the site ready for launch, I’ve limited my annotations to a few words for sanity’s sake. Again, further research is recommended. 

3. Upstream Color is on Netflix Instant. What the fuck are you waiting for? (And when you’ve finished with that, Miami Connection is now there for you too.) 


Side Effects (available): Steven Soderbergh’s last film* (*big fat asterisk)

NO (DVD/BD 6/25): Black comedy about Chilean elections; Gael Garcia Bernal

Like Someone In Love (TBD): Abbas Kiarostami goes to Japan

Leviathan (TBD): Experiential doc about commercial fishing

Stoker (DVD/BD tomorrow): Park Chan-wook (Oldboy) goes to America

War Witch (VOD, DVD 9/10): Child soldiers in sub-saharan Africa. 

Beyond The Hills (TBD): Cristian Mungiu’s follow-up to 4 Months, 3 Weeks…

Spring Breakers (DVD/BD 7/9): Harmony Korine, shorts of every color

Reality (TBD): Matteo Garrone’s splashy comic follow-up to Gomorrah

Gimme The Loot (TBD): Charming Amerindie about NYC taggers

Upstream Color (available/Netflix Instant): Shane Carruth’s mind-blowing whatzit

The Place Beyond The Pines (in theaters): Blue Valentine re-teaming; art!

To The Wonder (VOD): Terrence Malick. For fans only. (We’re fans.)

In The House (TBD): François Ozon drama about 16-year-old lit pupil/troublemaker

Blancanieves (TBD): Silent version of Grimms’ “Snow White”

Mud (in theaters): Matthew McConaughey, Take Shelter director team-up

Something In The Air (DVD 9/24): Olivier Assayas remembers Paris ’68

Post Tenebras Lux (DVD 8/20): Inspired weirdness from Carlos Reygadas

Stories We Tell (in theaters): Sarah Polley documents a bracing personal history

Before Midnight (in theaters): Linklater, Hawke, Delpy in Greece.

Frances Ha (in theaters): Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig, in B&W. 

An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty (TBD): Experimental feature, poetic. 

Fill The Void (in theaters): Israeli drama about ultra-orthodox family.

Much Ado About Nothing (in theaters): Joss Whedon does Shakespeare, adorably.

Berberian Sound Studio (in theaters; VOD): Twisted British tribute to giallo

The Bling Ring (in theaters): Sofia Coppola and the elixir of celebrity

Also Worth Seeing

56 Up (DVD 7/2): Michael Apted revisits his subjects in late middle age.

Outside Satan (TBD): Bruno Dumont back to basics after Hadewijch

Happy People (available): Werner Herzog claims a Siberian doc as his own

John Dies At The End (available): More cult weirdness from Don Coscarelli

Koch (DVD 8/27): “He knows the time, with a fresh Gucci watch.” 

Caesar Must Die (TBD): The Taviani brothers; prisoners doing Shakespeare

Lore (available): Teenager leads young siblings through post-WWII Germany

Porfirio (TBD): Harrowing true story of a hijacking in Colombia

Future Weather (available): Amy Madigan, Lili Taylor, and a troubled kid

The End Of Love (VOD; DVD 7/16): Writer/producer/director/star Mark Webber. 

Welcome To The Punch (VOD): British white-knuckler with James McAvoy. 

Trance (TBD): Danny Boyle’s latest. Few liked it. Are the many wrong?

Simon Killer (DVD 9/17): Antonio Campos (Afterschool) goes to Paris

From Up On Poppy Hill (DVD/BD 9/3): Hayao Miyazaki’s kid tries to imitate dad

The Angels’ Share (DVD 8/13): The lighter side of Ken Loach. 

The Lords Of Salem (DVD/BD TBD): Rob Zombie, horror auteur, visits Salem

Sun Don’t Shine (VOD): Amy Seimetz’s directorial debut. Florida road trip.

Paradise: Love (DVD 8/6): Austria’s Ulrich Seidl starts a theological trilogy

Graceland (VOD, DVD/BD 7/23): Breakneck thriller about a kidnapping thwarted

The Great Gatsby (in theaters): F. Scott Fitzgerald gets Bazzed. Monocles shatter.

What Richard Did (in theaters; VOD): Privileged Dubliner does something. Bad.

Pieta (in theaters; VOD): Kim Ki-duk’s Venice award-winner polarizes critics.

Kid-Thing (VOD): Coming-of-age story with dark, dream-like imagery.

Furious 6 (in theaters): Auteurism doesn’t get more vulgar than this. Or something.

We Steal Secrets (in theaters; VOD): Julian Assange hates it, maybe you’ll like it.

Shadow Dancer (in theaters; VOD): Man On Wire director returns to features.

The East (in theaters): Batmanglij/ Marling follow up The Sound Of My Voice.

The Kings Of Summer (in theaters): Sundance loved this pile of whimsy.

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet (in theaters): Alain Resnais working late-period magic

Call Me Kuchu (in theaters): Doc about tragic LGBT struggles in Uganda. 

In The Fog (in theaters): Supremely talented Sergei Loznitsa follows up My Joy.

Twenty Feet From Stardom (in theaters): Feel-good doc about back-up singers. —Scott Tobias

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